Sunday, August 12, 2007



The biggest movie of the year released , I say big due to SRK factor. Yeah the movie is big and the movie is just SUPERB. Best Sports based Indian Movie till date , I say so bcoz Lagaan has a British element there and not a pure Sports movie.

Moving on the movie is about a National Hockey Player Kabir Khan who gets De-famed due to some sabotage in his image after his team loses at the last moment in the final. He is announced as a traitor by people and he subjected to social Boycott . After Seven years of exile he comes back to coach the Women's hockey team which is fighting for its survival. He takes this opportunity to restore his pride .

Then starts the fight of a coach against the hockey association and against people who think that women cant do what men do. He forms a team which has got players from all over the country who are of different thinking's and different in their lifestyle.

Now talking about the Direction of movie, Shimit Amin of Ab tak 56 fame,has done an excellent job keeping the movie right on track without putting in some commercial elements. The sports shots of hockey have been shot brilliantly which excites the audience . The best part is the variety of cast of hockey players which connect with audience very well . There are lot of comic moments among the Girls which make people laugh out loud. There are also some very emotional moments like when the Men's Hockey team gives the women's team a bow.

SRK is just fantastic in his role as coach which he has done with a lot of conviction . He plays a brilliant coach who knows his job very well and doesn't fall prey to Player Politics. He teaches the team to attack the opposition's mind and not physically . He has acted brilliantly in scenes where he is accused of traiting India. He as usual is really KING of all actors and connects very well with the audience.

The movie is a must watch for every Indian and is full of patriotism . With Independence day round the corner the movie is bound to work. The Movie has an excellent message that every SPORT deserves respect and not just CRICKET. The movie will appeal maximum to Indian Women and every women should watch it for sure. There is a feel good factor about the movie which will leave a mark on audience's mind.

The background score and music is just great and suites the movie very well. The SCRIPT by Jaydeep Sahni is very tight and doesn't get Vague at any moment. Hats off to the Entire TEAM. Final word, a must watch for every Indian.

Movie Rating: **** fours stars just for the excellent performances and great script

and direction. Go for it .

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