Tuesday, August 28, 2007

SAAWARIYA --- Trailer review

The trailer of much awaited film of the year , Saawariya, is out now and it looks like another Bhansali Masterpiece is on the cards . The movie is first Indian Production of Columbia Films (SONY International) and looks like a huge sum of money is spent by them on this one. I've read that they are releasing this trailer in over 1450 screens worldwide which itself is some kinda Record for any Indian Film. It is also the first Indian film to be made entirely in $ and not Rs.

Well talking about the film , the story is inspired by a short story "White Nights" by some European writer I believe(not sure though). From the promo it looks it is another Musical Extravaganza which has been shot very beautifully. The Promo does not give out any details about the plot of the movie but certainly creates an impression on the viewer's mind. The promo starts showing a girl lying on a boat floating in some lake . Then the hero is shown playing a guitar , which makes sure that he is a musician. The film is artistically shot and looks like entire movie is shot on Beautiful Sets and is more Shakespearean in Nature. The story, as far as I could guess from the rushes, is also Shakespeare types.

Now for the people who don't know the Movie stars Ranbir Kapoor(son of Rishi Kapoor) and Sonam Kapoor(daughter of Anil Kapoor) as the Leads . And the film also has Salman and Rani in it(who are not shown in the promo) . The movie has a lot of European look since SLB (sanjay leela bhansali ) is inspired by European cinema a lot. Anyways , looks like the Star-kids have got a great Platform in the form of this Movie for their Launch. The Rushes are very exciting and it is a potential BIGGIE.

Considering the Teaser of Om Shanti Om (SRK's Next) not up to the mark (which might clash with it) , the movie is going to make wonders.

One thing is for sure this DIWALI when both the movies will release a lot of Fireworks will be seen On-Screen. Two Thumbs-up for Saawariya's Trailer and only half thumb up for Om Shanti Om (Farah Khan) which does not excite as much as this one.

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