Sunday, August 26, 2007

Heyy Baby !!!

Heyy Baby------Movie Review

After long wait Saajid Khan's first attempt to Cinema got released . Well as a first attempt it was quite good (compared to her sister's attempt--Main hoon na). The movie starts off really well with the Title track along with the Hot actresses making quite clear what kind of Play-Boys the lead actors are . Well Saajid said that its a family film , I dont know what made him say so. The first half of the film is full of Adult Humour. But the best thing is that for first time the actors have pulled it off quite well without making it vulgar . The comedy is really delivered very well by actors especially Akshay.

Speaking of story the film is about three irresponsible guys who get a baby "delivered" to there house without mentioning the name of father. Then starts the whole process of deciding who the real father is and in the process also takin care of a baby who has no mother. How the three guys become father to a baby makes it quite funny to watch? Three of them slowly get attached to the baby very deeply when suddenly the mother , Vidya balan, turns up at the door with cops and takes away the baby. Akshay meets Vidya in India at a friends wedding and after everything happens there is a huge misunderstanding and knows the real him . She leaves him and then lands a baby at the Boys house. After an year or so she turns up and takes away the baby from boys. Then they fight for her and Akshay realises that he loves her and tries to get back with her.

Speakin of acting performances out of the three Akshay as usual has the main and better part which he performs to his best . The other two guys also perform quite well . Boman,Vidya's father, performs really well and steals the show event though he has a small role. Vidya is good but she does not have a lot of role to perform (considering Parineeta). The acting perforamnces on a whole were quite good . The direction was also good and nothing stupid is shown and everything makes a sense(unlike David's films).

The film genre gets trapped between Comedy and Emotional hence suffers a little bit. The director has dragged the end quite long and the songs in between are quite a turn off. The film in overall can be watched once but is not a classic one. Since saajid is first timer he can be granted Bail.

Therating for nmovie from my side is two and a half star for good comic timing and ofcourse SRK's entry.

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  1. i love this movie its really good


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