Thursday, June 19, 2008

Aamir --- Movie Review

Some films leave a question on your mind and provoke your thoughts , Aamir is one such film . Aamir is no doubt a brilliantly made film but what is even more brilliant is that it is very much relevant to the recent times and films like these are very much needed for the audience . But sad part is that a movie like Sarkar Raj overshadows such a brilliant movie and it doesn't work at the box-office . Whereas Sarkar Raj which is not so good film not only recovers the cost of production but also makes petty cash . It is so sad that shows of these type of cinema are very few in cinema halls because it doesn't have an Amitabh in it . A lot has been said that Indian Audience has matured a lot and that we now like only good cinema then why is that such movies don't work .

This film is a brilliant piece of cinema and is at par with International Standards in terms of film-making . I recently read on a Ticker on MTV that why is Aamir so overrated ? The reason is simple , until and unless it is rated exceedingly well , people don't even care to watch it . In fact , it is not at all over-rated . It is as I said a very well-made film and has no glitches in it .

The film is just one and half hour long but those one and half hour are very tight and nothing loose in it .The film is aptly long according to the story and this is one thing that Indian film makers need to learn from this Film . There is no unnecessary elongation of the film and this is what other film makers do , their story is very small yet they make a film which has to be over 2 hrs long .

The film is based completely on the lives of Muslims in general and how they are provoked and manipulated by some very sick people and these are those people that have damaged their community the most . Aamir has a similar theme like that of Black Friday which was made on the issue of Bombay Blasts . Black Friday was a different film in the sense that it was made on a real life incidence but the similarity lies in the message that both films send .

Amir is made on the life of Aamir Ali who is a London Return scholar and how some local mafia trap him and force him to act as a terrorist . Aamir is one of the progressive Muslims with modern thinking and he is trapped by a Muslim leader who kidnaps his family and blackmails him to act as he says . He then forces him to do some things or else he would kill his family . He at last tricks him to plant a Bomb in a bus and when Aamir realises this , his concience doesn't allow him to do so and seconds before the blast he takes away the bomb from the bus and dies along with it .

As you can see the story is not that big but the manner in which it has been presented is just fabulous . The locations of the entire film are of Mumbai itself but it seems as if they are of some undeveloped part of the nation . This is what the movie shows , the portions of the commercial capital of our country which are still undeveloped and have filthy living conditions . The cinematography is top notch and is very realistic . The background score is very interesting and matches to theme of the film . The Direction is the most strong part of the film apart from its screenplay and cinematography . The Director , Raj Kumar Gupta has written a good script and has very well executed it . There are no loose shots or unnecessary detailing which makes it a very well edited film .

Talking of acting , Rajeev Khandelwal is no doubt promising but there was not so much for him to do in this film . When the film is technically so sound then there is very little for an Actor to do , yet he delivers his best and he actually connects with the audience very well which is the most important thing for any actor . The role of a Modern Muslim suited him and he looked good in the film . The other actors also did well but the entire film is based on the central character Aamir so they don't get that much limelight . The other important character was that of a Prostitute which has been very well acted by Jhilmil Hazarika .

The tagline of the film is "Kaun Kehta hai ki aadmi apni kismat khud likhta hai " and the film very well portrays this line where a very well educated and settled man is trapped by some Local mafia for no good reason and he ends up losing his life . He comes to India to meet his family and ends up on the news channel as a terrorist .

Overall , the film is a must watch and if its still running in the theatres then go and watch the film in theatres to support the producers a little bit . Kudos to the producer Ronnie Screwvaala who dared to make such a film . UTV is no doubt today the best production house of our country which not only makes commercial cinema (unlike Yashraj )but also supports great films like Khosla Ka Ghosla and Aamir . I'll recommend this film to all the genuine cinema lovers out there , watch it and you'll love it . Films like these should be sent for Oscars and may be they can bring some glory for India , probably then people will start watching such films .

Movie Rating : Four Stars out of Five , for a good script , acting and Direction .

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