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Love Story 2050 --- Music Review

The most expensive sci-fi flick of India , Love Story 2050 , is all set to release next month but the music is out now . The music is also quite techno friendly , I mean ,it has a lot of use technology i.e. computer generated sounds and variations that usually a DJ uses in his/her remixes . The Film is sort of comeback for lot of people after long time . The list includes Priyanka Chopra , Anu Malik and the Director Harry Baweja , all of whom last worked a long time ago .

Talking of the album , the First song on Soundtrack is "Milo Na Milo" which starts by a little dialogue between Priyanka and Harman . There is a lot of talk that Harman is a near copy of Hrithik Roshan in terms of Looks , Dance and Style . And I would like to add that he even talks like Hrithik and it felt to me that he is faking it , he really doesn't talk like that . His voice is also little childish like that of Jugal Hansraj and everybody knows what happened to him . Well , talking of the song , it is no doubt the best and the most balanced track of the album . I always use the word "balanced" because a nice balance of melody and lyrics only makes a track hit . And this track would no doubt be the most popular track on the album . Anu does a fabulous job in this track making it quite sci-fi in sound also . Apart from music director people forget the job of Arranger and Tubby-Pari here have done a great job . The lyrics are also good as usual from Javed Akhtar and the the song is well sung by Shaan .

The Next track on the album is Meelon Ka which is a very melodious track and is slower from the first one . Anu Malik has got a good melody for this one and it is much like the track from Jaan-e-mann - Humko Maalum Hai . Anu has once again made use of the western symphonies to make a good track and you can distinctly see similarities between this track and humko maalum hai . Though Humko Maalum Hai was a big hit , this one might not get that popular but might look good in the movie . It also has shades of Ajnabi Shahar from Jaan-e-mann which again was a brilliant track . This one is sung by Kay Kay and interestingly sonu is missing from the entire album . Though Kay Kay is a fabulous singer and has done great job on this one but still he is not as good as Sonu . Probably , Sonu might have sung this one even better . Alka Yagnik has also done a good job and the Lyrics are also good but not exceptional .

The third track on the Album is the Title Track "Love Story" and it also has little dialogues in the starting by Harman and Priyanka and Harman again sounded like a kid . The melody on this track sounds like it has been lifted from some other song from past , it doesn't sound new . This song is not as good as a title track should be and won't get that popular but it is also not that bad and would suit in a romantic situation in the movie . Lyrics are fine and it has been well sung by Shaan .

The fourth track again starts with the childish sound of Harman Baweja . "Sach Kehna" is sung by Kunal Ganjawala who had last given a great track with Anu which made him an instant hit - Bheege Honth in Murder . This one is total opposite of that track and has nothing for Kunal in it . Typical commercial track with some latin tunes in it and nothing new about it , just a little more bass .

The Fifth track , thank god , doesn't start with a childish voice and has only priyanka in it . "Lover Boy" is sung by Alisha Chinoy and its tune is again picked up from somewhere and it has vintage Alisha in it . This one sounds like some track of Alisha's album of the early Ninety's that never got released . It also has a tune pretty much similar to Mortal Combat tune just a little bit slower . The track is below average since Alisha has sung some great songs recently like Kajrare and Dil Ko Hazaar Baar (Murder) . Typical Anu Malik track with no lyrics and no melody .

The Child is back again in the Sixth track , I mean Harman who again talks like a small kid in the beginning . "Mausam Achanak" is a softer track and has good lyrics in it . The music is also average and nothing exceptional . But the track sounds good and has some good singing by Shaan and Alka . Alka Yagnik's all songs sound similar . I am sure the video of this song would feature some beautiful cinematography and VFX in it . So , the song would look even beautiful if it will have some good cinematography and visual effects (VFX) in it .

The last original track on the album is Aa Gaya Hun Mein by Kay Kay which again has vintage Anu Malik in it and same old tune with just some extra bass beats to give it a disco feel . The lyrics are nothing to take notice of and Kay Kay has done usual stuff .
This one also has nothing new and Anu fell short in this one also .

Then there are two slower versions of Love Story and Meelon Ka which are as good as the original ones . These are the two tracks(original ones) that are pic of the lot and the Third being Milo Na Milo .

Top 3 Tracks :

  1. Milo Na Milo .
  2. Meelon Ka .
  3. Love Story .
Overall , the album is Fifty-Fifty i.e. it has equal no. of Good and Bad tracks . Though the Bad Tracks are not that bad hence this album gets a little higher rating and Anu Malik has tried his best and this is what he could get . But I must say that Pritam has taken his place of Lifting songs quite well and poor Anu has no other option than going a "little" original . The album is not a classic one and only Milo na Milo would be remembered over a long period of time . It would sound good in a Multiplex with high quality sound system . I hope Harman acts a little mature according to his voice and Harry Baweja , the Director , doesn't try to become Rakesh Roshan in his direction .

Album Rating : Three out of Five , for its good commercial value .

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