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Kismat Konnection --- Music Review

The much awaited music of the romantic flick of the season "Kismat Konnection" is out now and the music is no doubt going to sell like hot cakes in the coming weeks . The music of the film has been released quite late considering the release is on the 18th of July . Though this strategy or delay might prove fruitful to the Producers as the music is big part of any film's publicity and if it would be freshly on the minds of people the film is bound to do well . The soundtrack has Six originals and five remixes in total . The music is given by Pritam and he is on a roller-coaster these days . After giving chart busting music of Race which is still running high on charts he is back with Kismat Konnection .

The Track opens with the title track which is on air these days in the Trailer . The song is strangely titled "Aai Paapi" whose meaning I don't know . The album starts with the most commercially capable song . This song is no doubt going to be a big hit and has a great new feel to it . The song is well sung by Neeraj Shridhar who gets almost all the popular tracks these days . He has a specialty in Hindi-English fusion songs and these type of songs are in every album today . He delivers his goods along with Pritam who has given great music to this one . The lyrics are by Shabbir Ahmed who has probably given lyrics to all the songs with "commercial value" on this album . The English lyrics with Jamaican accent are really sung well and I don't know why the guy who sings those is not given space in the credits when they are such an important part of a song.

The second track on the album is "Bakhuda tumhi Ho" which is by Atif Aslam and Alka Yagnik . After "Pehli Nazar Mein" in Race Atif is back again in this track in the same old style in exquisite way . This song is very much different from the prior one and has Urdu lyrics in it which makes it even more close to Atif and is a perfect song for him . Atif is no doubt making his presence felt . The song has a very nice theme just like "Tumse Hi-Jab We Met" had and this one also has very good lyrics , probably the best in the entire album. Sayeed Quadri has done a great job on the Lyrics . There is a very beautiful use of Chorus in this song and Atif sings it in his typical high pitch voice with inputs in between by Alka Yagnik's sweet voice which makes this song even more Romantic and no doubt the song is gonna look very romantic in the film . I hope it is used at a good situation . The songs mainly focuses on the feelings of the Male protagonist in the film so it has very less for the girl in it hence this one mostly belongs to Atif .

The next song on the Album is Move Your Body by Shaan , Suheil , Hard Kaur and Akriti Kakkar . This is typical party track with hip hop "rhythm and poetry" ( i.e. RAP ) by Hard Kaur . This is one of those songs that grows slowly on repeated listening . Main singers are Shaan and Akriti . The song has all the commercial elements in it and now one more "Move Your Body" for Hard Kaur after her smash hit with same name in Johnny Gaddar . Hard Kaur is no doubt getting popular day by day and she now can be seen more often in albums . After long time a female singer has come who just enjoys music full on , like a tequila shot . Last one probably was Usha Uthup and Hard Kaur reminds me of her a lot .She is a sweet girl and I just love her and interestingly she is happy with whatever small part she gets to sing in a song . But that little part is quite strong . The lyrics of this one are by Shabbir Ahmed and he does a decent job with blending both Hindi and English lyrics properly . In all, the song would look great in the film combined with the even great moves of Shahid , people are surely gonna move their body .

The next track is by "Tumse Hi hai" fame Mohit Chauhan and is titled "Is this Love" while the prior became a huge hit this one has a similar feel yet it won't be as big hit as the first one was . Tumse Hi was a solo track while this has Shreya Ghoshal in it . Shreya sings perfect as usual and I am once again sure that this song would work even more after the movie gets released and people see it . The magic of Tumse Hi is missing yet this one is a great track and would definately strike a chord with the listeners . The use of Guitar is still there as it was in Tumse Hi and is more or less has been attempted in a similar fashion . The difference lies in the fact that this one is a duet . This one is no doubt "Tumse Hi Hai Part II" . The lyrics are again great in this one by Sayeed Quadri and he for sure has abundance of talent . Mohit Chauhan also gives his best and he sings it in his original style . He has an unheard voice and it will work for him in long run coupled with his singing talent . This song is another Hit .

The next song is composed by guest composer Saajid-Waajid of "Mujhse Shaadi Karogi" fame and is titled "Soniye Ve (Dhak Dhak)" and like "Is This love" is Tumse Hi Part II this one is part II of Mujhse Shaadi Karogi hit song "Aaja Soniye" with even the vocals by the same singers Sonu and Sunidhi . The song has almost same feeling and lyrics like Aaja Soniye had and again the magic of original was missing in this one . As the sequel of Sarkar lacked the soul of original , in a similar fashion the sequel of "aaja soniye" lacks the soul of the original . The lyrics are again by Shabbir Ahmed and even these lyrics have all the commercial elements in it . The music by Saajid-Waajid is almost the same and very little effort by them . Same applies to Sonu and Sunidhi , they've sung it just like the original . The track is good but below par than other songs on the album . This would work a little less than the others . Same old use of Punjabi Dhol and Tune .

After this comes another version of Move Your Body which is exact replica of the original one , just one singer has been changed . In this instead of Shaan its Adeel who sings his part . Adeel almost sings in similar fashion as Shaan and I don't know why the composer did this track considering its almost the same .

Then starts a series of Remixes all done by DJ Suketo . First one is the Remix of Bakhuda and it has been remixed well by him and has all the bass beats that are their in a remix . The next is the remix of Title track and is quite fast version of the original and this one would work well in the Discos . Then comes the remix of Move Your Body which is a little different from the original one in the sense that it has a little more of Hard Kaur in this one. This is a remix of the Shaan's Version . Then comes a remix of "Is This Love" which is more of a Lounge Mix since its a romantic and slow track . This one is also good . The last remix is again a faster version of Soniye Ve and has nothing new about it . All the Remixes have been done in typical fashion , nothing new in that department .

In all , the track is well prepared one and is worth a buy. This one is no doubt gonna climb the charts soon . The album has a nice blend of Romantic and Club songs which was the case even with the album of Jab We Met .The lyrical content is also good especially in case of Bakhuda Tumhi Ho and "Is this Love" . This one would also work like Jab We Met did . Pritam has done his job well and though nothing unusually new , yet its good stuff from him .

Album Rating : Three and Half Stars out of Five ; Gr8 music and even lyrics are gr8 in a few .

Top 3 Songs :

  1. Bakhuda Tumhi HO.
  2. Is This Love.
  3. Aayi Paapi (Title Track)

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