Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chamku --- Music Review

After the Musical Hit Album of Saawariya last year , Monty Sharma is back with Chamku this year . The fact that he has talent has been proved last year and his music still occupying the space on Music Channels proves the point further . He is back with Chamku , a film starring Bobby Deol and Priyanka in the lead and Produced by Dharmendra . The film is Directed by Kabeer Kaushik whose first Film Seher (starring Arshad Waarsi and Mahima) was a box office disaster .He is starting afresh after that with this film whose Music has been given by Monty who is also one film old .

Talking a little about the album , it consists six tracks in total with five originals and one remix version . The First track on the album is Aaja Milke which is a romantic number and on air these days . It has a very nice romantic tune in it and hence it is getting a little popular . The song has been mainly sung by Shreya Ghoshal in her sweet voice and supported by Shail who gives her good company . The song has very beautiful and soulful lyrics by Sameer who has done a good job . There is very fine use of Saxophone pieces in between the verses of this song. The tune basically has nothing new but the lyrics and soulful singing of Shreya have done the trick and it makes the song appear quite new and romantic . Monty has very well understood the mood of the song and has provided full justice to the lyrics and the song in general . Shreya is brilliant as usual and steals the show in this one .

Then comes the best track on the album , Kithe Jawan , by Richa Sharma which is a core Punjabi track with a sad feeling attached to it . This song reminded me of the hit song "Lambi Judaai" from the film Hero (and not the latest one from Jannat) . That song is one of the best song which is based on "Judaai" (Separation of Lovers) . But what was best was the way in which that song had been sung by Reshma . That song had a very sad feeling attached to it and was sung very passionately by her . This song also belongs to that genre where Richa Sharma has done the job . Richa is a terrific singer and she sings Punjabi songs really well . The last time I remember that Richa had done such a fine job was in "Ni Mein Samajh Gayi" from Taal which is an exceptional song . Richa has once again spread the magic of her voice and done an exceptional job in this one . The lyrics of this song by Sameer are again great and much better than Sameer's usual work . Monty has given fabulous treatment to this one and has understood the mood of the song very well . He has given it very modern yet contemporary treatment which makes it a treat to listen . Kudos Richa , Monty and Sameer for this one .

Next comes Gola Gola by Abhijeet and Vaishali Samant . This song also reminds you of those folk songs from Rajasthan which are quite fun to hear and also sometimes have great lyrics . This song has an Authentic Indian tune and even the singers have sung it in typical folk style . The song though doesn't have that powerful lyrics yet the tune and singing style are enough to carry the song on their shoulders . The song wouldn't hinder the pace of the film and if shot beautifully the song would be treat to watch . This song might not get that popular but would certainly look good in the film .

Next comes a trance music by Monty with vocals by Saleem , Soumya and Anaida . It has a very nice trance feel in it according to its name and probably for the first time I have heard an Indian Trance Music. The song very well incorporates some fine Indian instruments into the Trance music of the west . The vocals in between are also quite good and the song would look good in Background . The Arabic lyrics have been very well sung by the Singer and the whole song would really sound great on a good music system and even better in the Multiplexes .

After the Trance music comes "Bin Daseya" which is a lounge version of Kithe Jaawan . Since the original is such a great song even this one sounds good . This lounge version might appeal to certain people more than the original one but I prefer the original one . This version is quite nice and nothing fancy about it . It would sound good at a Lounge or a Pub . Monty has put in some nice effects in this one and hence has done a good job once more .

Then comes the last song on the album Dukh Ke Badri which is again a slow song but that doesn't make it anything less . It is again a fabulous song and has a very different music than other songs . This one doesn't sound like typical slow songs and has nice music pieces in it . The song has been sung by Kalpana and Parthiv and Shail have given her company . This song sounds really nice and might look even better in the film . The singing by Kalpana is of top quality and she gives a nice competition to Richa's song . The song has some very nice Lyrics and they have been given full justice by the singers and the composer .

Overall , this Album is highly recommended and Monty has once again proved that though he works less but he is going to stay for a long time in Bollywood . After a long time an album has came that has all the songs quite slow and soulful . If you love fast music and music with beats then this one is not for you . This is very much on the slower side and yet it is a great album . The film has not much of a Hype around it and even the title is little weird and hence the music won't gather that much audience . But after sometime the songs are bound to work especially after the release of the film . The music is fabulous and I just hope even the movie is as good as the music . I hope the script of the film is as strong as the Music .

Album Rating : Three and Half Stars out of Five , Quite Different then the usual that we get to hear these days .

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