Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Look --- Kidnap and 3 Idiots

The first look of two films , Kidnap and 3 Idiots , are out now . One being the next of Aamir Khan after Ghazni and other being the next of his cousin Imran . Lets talk about the Aamir one first .

The Teaser poster of Aamir's next venture as an actor , 3 Idiots , is out now and its one of those posters that say a lot about the film and create an interest beforehand . The film as everyone knows is based on the Famous novel "Five Point Someone" which is based on a group of students from IIT and their misadventures of their college lives . The film is to be Directed by Rajkumar Hirani who will be directing something different from Munnabhai for the first time . This film would be a real test for him as a Director . The Producer is the same , Vidhu Vinod chopra who has produced both of Hirani's film . The film also starrs R. Madhvan and Sharman Joshi as supporting cast and will also have Kareena as the main female lead .

Now talking a little about the poster which has shown Aamir pressing against a blackboard which has Problems of Calculus written all over it . Amir is having his cropped hair cut and I don't know how would he be able to play a role of Boy who is half the age of what he is right now . We know thatAmir is a a great actor and can almost play any role with utmost perfection but I don't understand till when he and his contemporaries are going to play such roles . The Directors need to find some new talent now and they need to take risks . Anyways , as I said the poster says a lot about the film especially the tag line which goes like this " chose excellence - success will follow" . The poster reminds me of Good Will Hunting and A Beautiful Mind where two geniuses keep solving their calculations with anything that they find .

We know that this film would be adaptation of a famous novel that has been read by a huge block of people so it would be interesting to see for the first time in Indian film industry , people responding to an onscreen adaptation of a Famous book . Though Devdas has also been adapted many times and several such other stories but those stories had been read only by a few selected people and not by a people at large . This would be probably the first such experience when people will react to a film based on a book . This film and book might also lead to a new fashion of Adapted Screenplays and for sure create two new categories in all the league of Awards - "Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Screenplay " . The award guys will get too happy since they like to distribute more and more awards and please everyone in the Industry . So even if Hirani doesn't gets best film he can at least get "Best Adapted Screenplay" and be happy .

Well , I still hope that Hirani gets the best film award and the film turns out to be as good as the novel is .

Now Talking a little about the next release of Imran Khan , Kidnap , whose trailer is running in the cinema halls along with Singh is Kinng . This is the second film of Imran whose first film has proven to be biggest hit of 2008 up till now (Singh is Kinng might overtake it ) . In Jaane Tu... Imran Played a role that was meant for him and he had just needed to be natural whereas his acting skills will be tested in this film where he plays a not so good guy and his role has a negative side to it .

The film is Directed by Dhoom Fame Sanjay Gadhvi and it also starrs Sanjay Dutt and Minissha Lamba . This film would be Gadhvi's first film which is not produced by Yashraj . In this one Sanjay plays a role of the Richest Indian in the World and what happens when his Daughter gets Kidnapped by a guy played by Imran .

Talking a little about the teaser trailer , it starts with Sanjay (Vikrant Raina) being introduced and his net worth is shown which is in Billions . Then Imran is shown in a completely different look than what he had in Jaane Tu.. , making the Kidnaper's Call to Sanjay .He Kidnaps Sanjay's Daughter played by Minissha . Then starts a series of scenes which show that Sanjay instead of Paying the ransom decides to chase Imran down and catch him . The film looks like a good thriller from the scenes that have been shown in the Trailer and the background score used in Trailer is also good .Sanjay looks more like a Dude and the title of "Richest Indian in the World" doesn't go with his personality . For such a role a Corporate personality is needed , someone like Rajat Kapoor might have looked better .

Anyways , the trailer looks good and the film looks a little inspired from Mel Gibson starrer 1996 hit Ransom . That one was Directed by Ron Howard (Director - Da Vinci Code) and he is an intelligent man and he made a nice pacy thriller . This one , I am sure has many Indian elements in it with a probable love angle between Minissha and Imran . I hope that Both Sanjay Gadhvi and Imran prove themselves apart from their Debut attempts . Imran has done a great thing by signing this film and would prevent him from getting trapped in a Chocolate Boy image . But this might even prove a big risk if he is not able to play the role properly .

The film is all set to release on October 2 which is roughly one and half months from now . It would be interesting to see audience reaction to Imran especially after Jaane Tu .. which is still running in some of the Cinema Halls . Check out the Trailer :

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