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On Screen Friendships in Bollywood

Well , its Friendship day and probably the best time to talk about the beautiful relation that exists amongst the millions of human beings which makes it possible for us to live happily . The friendship among two or more people has been shown in countless occasions on screen and the emotion has also been used for attracting the emotional audience in the past . Though many films have shown friendship among the actors , very few are there which have shown it in the original form . Most of the films have just shown it in a Melodramatic way where - "Ek Dost Apni Dosti ka Waasta Dusre ko Deta Rehta hai ". Still there have been few films that have successfully explored the relation and shown it to its core on-screen . I have picked 10 Best such films where friendship has been shown in its true elements . I may have missed a few .If I have , comments are invited . So here goes the countdown :

10. Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega --- Preity and Rani : Its a common belief that two girls can never be great friends and as Art imitates life there h
ave been very few on screen friendships amongst two Female Actors . But one of those that looked great was the friendship amongst Rani and Preity in Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega . Who can forget both Rani-Preity wrapped in just a towel and singing "Piya Piya ho Piya" ? The song got so popular that all of a sudden there were several films that were offered to the duo . Their on-screen Chemistry was great and it was never seen before amongst two Girls in Films . Their friendship was also presented in a good fashion and where a boy (Salman) is the one that comes in between by chance . The film had a very dramatic ending but the films in those days had it that way . Apart from the end the film was not that bad and the best part was certainly the Friendship of Rani-Preity . Film makers still have a chance to make a great film on friendship amongst girls which is a rarity but still it would exist somewhere .

9. Hera Pheri --- Akshay and Sunil Shetty : Partners in Crime is what the friendship between Akshay and Sunil in this film can be called . Though they keep fighting with each other from start till end but they still understand each others problem and help in all circumstances . This is how friendship should be .
Though they keep fighting but what is behind those fights is what is so great to see on screen . The person in between them is poor old Babu Bhaiyya (Paresh Rawal) who though is of the age of their Fathers but still manages to make and treat them as a friends . This showed us that Friendship has no age Bars and it can bloom amongst any one .

There have been several other partners in crime too like Sanjay Dutt and Govinda in Jodi No. 1 and Amitabh and Vinod Khanna in Hera Pheri (1976) but both being a little more focused on other things than friendship so didn't make it to my countdown .

8. Andaz Apna Apna --- Aamir and Salman Khan : They
can be called as the most funny friends on-screen with an almost perfect chemistry in between them . Aamir , an oversmart guy and Salman , a little slow guy both made a fantastic combination on screen and backed by a hilarious script and cast the film is a treat to watch and it is the chemistry among the two leads that makes the film so funny . The film is so funny that while I was writing this , the scenes kept coming back to my mind and I had a smile on my face while writing this . The news is doing the rounds that a sequel will be made and directed by Aamir himself . If the news is true , I'll pay any amount to see the film .

7. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai --- SRK and Kajol : The friends
hip amongst a boy and a girl is a very debatable topic and people always say that it is love that lies under it . In any case the debut Director Karan Johar managed successfully to show this relation on screen in his first film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai . Though their friendship transforms into love still the first part where the friendship is shown in its element is something that was been never shown on screen before . I still remember SRK saying " Pyaar Dosti Hai " in the film and isn't it true . Even if their cant be any friendship amongst a boy and girl , isn't Love completely based on Friendship . Anyways , it is K-Jo's Best film in my opinion and the film that epitomised friendship amongst a boy and a girl .

6. Chupke Chupke --- Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan : This film is the most unique pick that you will find in my countdown .
The friendship amongst Dharmendra and Amitabh in this film has never been talked about but I've found it quite interesting . The film is no doubt one of the best comedies of all time but in it lied a friendship amongst two people that was shown in its true element . Proff. Parimal Tripathi of Botany and Proff. Sukumar Sinha of English made a fantastic duo that got lost somewhere in the film . The song "Sa Re Ga Ma" had fantastic chemistry amongst Amitabh and Dharmendra . They shared very small time on screen together in the film but the scenes where they did , showed their friendship in a great way .

5. Style --- Sharman Joshi and Sahil Khan : This film is one more film where two happy go lucky friends land up in trouble due to their pranks . The film has been Directed by N. Chandra and I didn't ever think that he could
make Comedy films . Just like Rajkumar Santoshi made Andaz Apna Apna , Chandra made Style . The film is hilarious and again the friendship amongst the leads was a treat to watch . Both of were just perfect for the characters that they played and very well portrayed the Young Friendship . The film had some very hilarious moments with a fantastic chemistry amongst the heroes . The film also sent out a message to youth . The film had little boring end but still the first half is a must watch and the comedy in it is a treat . The film showed how friends land in trouble together and true friends don't leave and run in the middle .

4. Rang De Basanti --- The Group : This fil
m which is one of the revolutionary films of all time not only in its style of making but also on the level of impact that it had in the society , has a core that is completely based on friendship . The film is about a group of friends which had all kinds of people from all religions . Aamir as Daljeet or DJ was in a way the leader of the group yet was more a part also illustrating that no one is a leader in a group of friends . The film also showed that youth is so carefree and yet it feels a burning desire to do something for the country inside . Their group not only does the immature stuff that everyone does in its youth but also talks and debates on some important things in life . And when one of them gets killed by the System they decide to go against it together even if it results in their death . The film also showed Siddharth (as Karan Singhania) who kills his father when he realises that his father was also involved in the system that killed his friend . The film also had Laxman Pandey (Atul Kulkarni) who is religious fundamentalist and hates muslim making a muslim friend in the form of Aslam played bny Kunal Kapoor . The film makes its point on several issues in India and it also shows that Friendship doesn't look at those issues but certainly it can solve those issues .

3. Sholay --- Jai and Veeru : If you have observed throughout the countdown I have written the name of the film and then the actors name in the
begining . But here I have written the name of the film and then I have written the name of the Characters - Jai and Veeru . This is the extent of how Iconic their friendship is in Indian cinema . We still remember them as Jai and Veeru more than we do by their real names . The friendship was shown in the true element and not in a Melodramatic way . Though it does take an emotional , dialogue filled turn towards the end but the times in those days demanded that . I watch the film only to watch the comedy that is there in the starting part of the film and it is completely situational comedy which was a rarity in those days . The chemistry and Friendship between Amitabh and Dharmendra is unparallel and it will live for ever . The film still wasn't completely based on Friendship and it had several other angles too that's why this film lies on the Third Spot .

2. Munnabhai M.B.B.S. --- Munna and Circuit : One more film with iconic characters and characters that connected with people so much that they can never fade in our memories . The film directed by Rajkumar Hirani t
hough had many things in it that made it a thing to remember like the "Jaadu Ki Jhappi" and "Maamu" . But the one thing that made it such a big hit was the chemistry that exists between them throughout the film . The sequel of the film also had some of the most emotional moments amongst them but my favourite is still the original one . The comic timing amongst them was just fabulous and the film showed the other side of the Bhai's and made people laugh and cry with them . The scene where Sanju asks Arshad Waarsi to bring a Body for dissection is just hilarious . Arshad as a true friend arranges the body for his friend and after that you know what happens . The film in my opinion truly shows the Character of true Friendship and how friends affect our lives so much . The film and the sequel taken together made it to the second spot on my countdown .

1. Dil Chahta Hai --- Aamir,Saif and Akshay : The only film that revolves completely around friends and friendship is Dil Chahta Hai and the film has attained a cult status among the people and each and every group
of friends identifies itself with this film . The film shown that how beautiful friendship can be and that in spite of all the things that can come between friends the friendship still remains intact id it is true . It also shows how friendships and friends teach you so many things in life and how the life around you gets affected by your choice of friends . The film had some of the most Hilarious and most Emotional moments both . The film brought in the culture of Group of friends aspiring to go to Goa together . I don't know how many group of friends would have tried and still keep trying to go to Goa and enjoy life with friends like Sameer , Akash and Siddharth did in the film . The film tops my countdown only due to the fact that it was completely based on Friends and Friendship . It also showed how friendships break and get joint again if there is true love under it .

These were the films that shown greatest friendships in Bollywood on screen. The films are considered to be Larger Than Life and but still I believe some of you would have identified yourselves and your friends with some of the characters that are their in these films . These films in together show all possible colours of friendship that exist amongst friends .Apart from these films there are also numerous other films that have tried to show friendships on screen .

Have a happy friendship Day and may you many more true friends in life than you have right now . If you want to share any moment with your friends that could be filmed on screen or you have a story of your own then feel free to share it with me .

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  1. first of all i agree with most of the films in your list but i think you really forgot some film like sajan pf salman and sanjay, i know they were more of a siblings but so was yours jodi no.10 and you also forgot many 70's-80's film which mostly paired actors with amitabh bachan (pran in janjeer and in numerous film with sahtrugan sinha ,vinod khanna and ofcourse dharmendra ).I would also like to add that your list was more of a 90's and new millennium centered and sholay should have higher position b'coz dil chata hai story was like how three friends face situations in life and how their friendship gets affected while sholay was more of a film in which friend do not make the adverse situation's affect their friend and friendship.


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