Friday, August 29, 2008

Drona Vs. Kidnap

The second of October this year will have two films battling it out for their fate on Box-office. The first release being the long awaited Drona which according to Goldie Behl is not a superhero flick and is an Indian Fantasy Adventure film . The film has been long in the making and has no buzz around it as such . The promotion of the film hasn't started in a full fledged way yet but whatever has started looks quite dull . Even Abhishek doesn't look excited about the film and is currently on his world-tour , far away from his film . This is the second Directorial venture of Goldie after Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai which was a box-office dud . Though the budget of this one is much higher and the star-cast is also stronger the film itself is not creating that excitement in me for it . I am not a big fan of Abhishek and even Priyanka is getting quite repetitive these days . Abhishek's looks are always a problem and he doesn't even do anything about it . The Music of the film is yet to hit the stores and a lot will depend on it . The trailers and rushes haven't given any taste of the music that would be there in the film so nothing can be said about it . A lot is on stake in this film for Abhishek as Sarkar Raj was a multi starrer and also wasn't appreciated that much among both critics and audiences . This film will show the solo star power of Abhishek since no big name is attached to this film apart from him and Priyanka . No Big Director like Mani-Ratnam or Big Producer like Yashraj so a lot will depend on him .

Giving this film a very tough competition would be Kidnap . Fresh out of the success of Jaane Tu .. Imran Khan is riding high on the success wave a
nd at present provides more attraction than Abhishek . The promos of Kidnap are also better than Drona and hence an initial interest in this film is much more than that in Drona . This film is Directed by Sanjay Gadhvi who has tasted success earlier in both the Dhooms . So it can be said that he has an experience of creating "Dhoom" among the audience . Sanjay has also done nothing apart from the Dhoom series . So this can also be considered as his second attempt . Though Dhoom was produced by Yashraj and hence Aditya had an influence in those films , how much we don't know . We might know after Kidnap releases . Still , Kidnap is produced by Ashtavinayak which is also a good production house so production quality won't suffer .

Imran is playing a slightly (or completely?) negative role so people would definitely wanna watch that out since he played a good-boy in Jaane Tu. The music of the film also looks good . The second promo of the film features one of the songs which looks and sounds quite good . Apart from this the film also has Sanju Baba who is also a crowd pulling factor for the film . The female lead is played by Minissha who is looking quite hot and has already proved her acting skills .

For now , there are lots of positives in favour of Kidnap and it looks quite strong on Paper . Whereas Drona is looking quite dull and doesn't have that energy in it . People like to see young energetic performances these days and a young cast of Imran and Minissha would certainly provide that . Priyanka is also on streak of flops and dull movies so that is also not gonna go in her favour . Both Abhishek and Priyanka look more enthusiastic and fresh in the promos of Dostana which means the fact that Drona being released so late is also going to go against it .

Overall , I am looking forward to see Kidnap on the second of October which is a national holiday and hoping for the best for Drona . Which film are you going to watch first ?

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